The modern world is rapidly developing into something much different to just 20-30 years ago. Mainly this change is coming through improved technology, a change in mindsets, particularly the drive we all have to live happier lives outside of work. Along with this, the culture of modern parenting and working is changing too.

No longer one parent is expected to stay at home and one work. We want a better choice around when, if and how we work. We believe the ideal workplace culture change that supports this is on the horizon, particularly in the way companies are looking to attract talented employees with better flexible working options

Proven benefits driving the change

Between 2016/17 it was found ‘12.5 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety’. Those behind with the change are missing out on the proven benefits of improving employee life such as their mental wellbeing, increased commitment, job satisfaction, staff retention,  improved productivity and performance, and reduced staff absenteeism.*

Looking at this statistic it’s obvious a change is needed when it comes to everyone achieving a better work-life balance. The positive results of offering flexible working and other staff perks far outweigh any negative thoughts around life beyond the average 9-5.

Forward-thinking companies across the country are picking up on this culture change. We have seen them working hard to provide employees with opportunities for a healthier work-life balance and in turn, they have improved their profits, productivity and employee morale.  These companies are happy to offer a good employee proposition such as attractive work benefits packages that include flexible working, health benefits, flexible holidays and other employee perks. All with the aim of building an incentivised team behind their business.

Making a change today…

From our own experiences and research, we can see the obvious culture change we all want, even need is coming but what if you need the change right now? If finding a better balance is something you want in your life, here are some tips to help –

  1. Ask, find & create flexibility – I live by the rule if you don’t ask you don’t get. It may not always work and there’s always a right time and wrong way to do it. However, if you want to achieve a better work-life balance you have to push for it, look for it and build it into your life.
  2. Go with the flow – If you want to find balance learning to go with the flow is a skill you need. Some days everything just seems to go wrong and always at the most inconvenient times. Going with the flow simply means being flexible -something we all want at work and home right!? So by learning to be flexible and go with the flow, you’ll soon realise finding your balance is much easier than you ever thought possible.
  3. Filter the perfection of others – So many times across social media and beyond someone else’s perfection is thrust upon us. However is this the perfection you want in your life. Learn to take the good ideas of how others are living and use that to build your own perfection at home and in your work life. That is the key to finding your balance.
  4. Support others and accept support – You can get ahead in life is by helping others and allowing others to help us. Working with others to create a community at home and at work, will help you find your balance. When things get hard our nature is to close off and cut off, remind yourself to reach out to others at around you, talk and find support at home and work.
  5. Enjoy it all – We are only here once and as tough as it gets finding the small moments in the day that make you happy will do wonders for finding your balance. Remember after you’ve worked hard, reached out, entertained your brood and done all you need to do for others please take some time for yourself.


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