Work benefits package: What do workers really want?

Creating a great work-life balance is what we’re all about. So when we hear of studies being carried out looking at what people really want from their employers we at Parent Talent sit up and listen!

When you get up each day and make your way to a job that isn’t quite giving you exactly what you want or need it can be a soul-sapping experience. The offer of a great work benefits package could be the key to changing this for many, especially parents balancing work and family life.

Recently a new report from Hibob had been carried out looking into what employers think and what employees actually want when it comes to their benefits package at work. The study was formed from the responses of more than 4,000 employees and 500 benefit decision-makers in the UK.

The report backs what we already know, that flexible working is a something UK workers rate highly when it comes to their benefits package. More than two-fifths of the employee respondents stated that they wanted access to flexible working arrangements. In fact, it was the most popular benefit that respondents asked for. Others included private medical, dental insurance, flexible holidays and critical illness protection.

Another interesting fact in the report was that business leaders understood the value of offering a benefits package (72%) that may or may not include flexible working. However many staff (52%) are not taking advantage of the packages on offer!

Dan Benatan, head of benefits at Hibob, said: “Much to our concern, our research tells us that only one in three employees understand and actually uses their benefits often. Billions of pounds are being wasted on benefits that fail to resonate, offering little upside to anyone other than the suppliers themselves. We think this has to change, especially when attracting, inspiring and retaining staff is getting harder. A benefit isn’t really a benefit unless it is recognised and used by employees; it has to add real value.”

Our advice if you’re currently employed is, get up to date with your company benefits package immediately. Especially if you want to increase your happiness in your work-life balance.

If you’re a business owner take it from us -now is time now to look at what work benefits package you offer. This study shows just how valuable the offer of flexible working is in retaining and attracting the best candidates around.

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