Will 2018 be the year you find your balance?

We want to champion and support a better work-life balance for all, centring around the hashtag #FindYourBalance.

As parents, we know how important this balance is for families and businesses. It has a huge impact on our daily working output, well-being and family happiness. Having each worked for some forward-thinking companies who are fully embracing work-life balance we’ve seen and felt the rewards of having a supportive culture in the workplace. Now we want to help you find your balance.

Let’s push the talk much further than it has gone before

The phrase work-life balance has been around for quite a while. Wikipedia says it was first used in the UK in the late 70s, so has the topic evolved? Is work-life balance becoming something of the norm now? With 2017 leading the way in highlighting mental well-being and it’s importance in all areas of life including work, we certainly believe the conversation has progressed but not as far as it could have in all those years.

We believe the term is too restricting, it suggests we either live or work with little in-between. Are there really only two hats we wear throughout life? Certainly, in my life, I have many many more. Some we love to wear, some we loathe but the main point is there is so much we deal with day to day that it is simply not a case of finding a better work-life balance, it is about finding your all round life balance.

We are passionate about this issue and want to push the talk much further than it has gone before. We believe now is the time to take this conversation further and help UK business decision-makers and employees realise they need to work together to improve life for all across the UK. Without the support of both, we will all struggle to move forward.

Throughout the year we will be:

So let’s work together to help everyone find a better balance in 2018.

Find your balance in 2018

We know work-life balance is a fluid concept that will change from person to person and throughout the year we will be encouraging parents to be bold and achieve their own happy state. Also, we look forward to highlighting to businesses the amazing benefits of offering a healthier work-life balance within their workplace.

By working with businesses and individuals we want to create a change in the working environment and help you find your balance.

Tell us, have you achieved a balance yet? Do you think work-life balance even exists?

Join us using #FindYourBalance over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram we’d love to hear from you.


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