We were very excited to read about a recent survey from Flexjobs, that once again shows the benefits of workplace flexibility for working parents and businesses.

The survey results came from almost 2,000 parents with children living at home, under the age of 18. Inspiringly it covers quite a large demographic of working families in the UK.

First of all, parents were asked a series of questions around why they work, with the majority saying it was out of a basic necessity to pay for the norms of family life -food, mortgage, rent etc.

However, there are further elements pushing parents to work centring around planning for the future. Over 60% of respondents asked are saving for their child’s education and their retirement. Showing parents are fully considerate of how they are living now as well as preparing for the future.

Are parents looking for flexible work?

Of course! From the results, it is obvious that the majority of parents are in search of a greater flexibility in the roles they choose. With 81% of respondents saying work-life balance is one of the top reasons working they are seeking flexible schedules.

Parents are tackling a dual role

Parents are searching for roles which allow them to build a career while still being a large part of their home life. We believe this can be done. Through our own experiences, we have found that greater workplace flexibility mean parents can be a great asset to a company and still be a huge part of bringing up their family.

The results show working parents are fully in agreement with us and the dual role we know they can carry out. 91% of respondents are entirely sure they can simultaneously be both great employees and great parents.

The survey also highlighted the most in-demand types of flexible work arrangements working parents are searching for:

  • 100% telecommuting (83%)
  • Flexible schedule (72%)
  • Partial telecommuting (49%)
  • Part-time schedule (46%)
  • Alternative schedule (45%)
  • Freelance (37%)

Benefits of workplace flexibility for working parents and businesses?

For parents there are countless benefits to having the option to work in a flexible way. They can be more involved with their child’s education, school life and after-school activities. Plus the study showed 54% are parents would start volunteering if they had the time available. Many of those surveyed believed a flexible working arrangement would have a huge impact on their lives, they’d be less stressed, healthy and it could even help them save money.

For employers, 82% of the respondents believed they would feel much more loyal to an employer who offered flexibility in a role. This could be down to building a trusting relationship with the company they are working for. 77% believed flexible work would encourage meaningful and understanding relationships with their co-workers. Plus 24% suggested they would agree on a 10% pay cut in return for the option to telecommute as much as they needed within a role. Again suggesting that flexibility is just as important to working parents as their pay scale.

Reading these results inspires us to work with parents and local business in working together to create, loyal, motivated happy workforces who are all benefitting from flexible working conditions.

Demographic Breakdown of the Respondents

  • Age: 20-39 (42%), 40-59 (56%), 60+ (2%)
  • Education: high school degree or equivalent (4%), some college but no degree (15%), associate or bachelor degree (50%), graduate degree (31%)
  • Career level: entry-level (11%), experienced (56%), manager or higher (33%)

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