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Parent Talent

Having a career and being parents often comes with the challenge of trying to balance work with home-life – a regular topic of conversation that was always discussed by the two of us, Deb and Carrie-Anne.

We’d spend hours sharing our experiences of how we faced our fair share of difficult challenges and sacrifices over the years, trying to balance our careers with home-life.  We also knew we weren’t alone in this situation.

There are employers out there (believe us they’re out there, we’ve worked for some, yay!) who do recognise a more balanced work-life culture gives them more motivated and loyal employees, but equally we know there’s still plenty of room to improve.

We know there are many parents across not only the North West but the entire country who are skilled, hardworking people eager to go further in their career being held back by outdated working arrangements that offer no flexibility for family life.

That’s why we wanted to create a space for professional parents looking for skilled, flexible working roles to connect to businesses that truly ‘get’ the pressures of family life – and vice versa. We want to make sure companies are tapping into this pool of amazingly talented people who could provide the commitment, loyalty and passion UK businesses are in need of today.

With advancements in technology, it has never been easier to build a workforce that can work around the old-fashioned 9-5, sat at an office desk. The benefits of offering flexible work choices far outweigh any negative thoughts around flexible working.

Using our career backgrounds, which span well over a decade in PR & Communications, Early Years Education and Digital Marketing Management roles, we want to inspire and change thinkings! We are working hard to grow this online hub into something useful for all and help like-minded parents find their next challenge.

We hope you get as much out of this space as we love putting into it!

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